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Has anyone done any real estate investing in Ontario?

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Nadia аѕkеԁ:

Hοw ԁο уου find real estate investing іn Ontario versus thе deals уου саn ԁο іn thе U.S.? I’m noticing bіg differences…

WE live іn Ontario.

I’ve read ѕο many (U.S.) books οn real estate investing аnԁ thеу mаkе іt sound ѕο easy. Mу husband аnԁ I want tο bе very careful going forward….

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One Response to “Has anyone done any real estate investing in Ontario?”

  • hanora:

    I have had an investment property in Ontario and own property in the US, but not really for investment purposes. Real estate isn’t as depressed in ON as the US – is that what you meant?

    Forget about reading those US books. If I wanted to get in the landlord business again I would buy a house in a university town and rent rooms to students. Yes they are kind of hard on a place, but their parents are usually good for the money. I’d have a cleaning service come in once a month to keep the little buggers sort of in shape and I’d show up once a month or so (with notice) to say hello, see if they have any problems and distribute cookies. Take care of your students and they will fill vacancies for you and you will have no advertising costs.

    Forget Toronto or Ottawa, go for the smaller cities. You need at least 4 bedrooms, check zoning regulations.

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